Elausys KNX-JA-100 interface 


Alarm System JA-100

+RS485 Interface JA-121T


RS-485 - KNX Interface 


12 V + RS-485

KNX Protocol



The KNX interface module JA-KNX is a KNX gateway for the Jablotron 100 alarm systems. It enables bidirectional communication with the alarm system using the RS485 communication module (JA-121T) from Jablotron.
It allows integrators to take advantage of a fully integrated alarm system including KNX scenarios, automatic lighting using the motion detectors, arming or monitoring the system using a KNX visualization.

Main Features

• KNX Interface for Jablotron 100 alarm systems
• Up to 32 bidirectional input/output (PG)
• Control up to 4 zones (arm/partial/disarm)
• 11 status per zone (intrusion, entry, exit, fire,…)
• Recall of KNX scenes for each status
• Power supply from the KNX bus
• Integrated 12VDC output power supply (for JA-121T)
• Built-in termination resistor for RS485
• Communication fault monitoring

Usage Limitation


This interface is intended to be used with a JABLOTRON 100 series alarm system. The system must be equipped with a JA121T module for RS485 communication.



The KNX Interface is configured using the ETS tool, the free ETS Demo version can be downloaded from the website of KNX Association. The free version allows to configure up to 5 KNX modules in a project, the KNX gateway is only one module, all devices can be configured using this version.

Connection Diagram


Elausys JA-KNX module is supplied from the KNX bus and provides the 12VDC power supply required by the J121T module.
The RS485 bus must be interconnected between the JA121T and the JA-KNX interface using the blue screw terminals on both modules. The termination resistor is already integrated on the KNX interface module, therefore no additional component or wiring is required.

RS485 (D+ / D-)

12 VDC + GND