What we offer


1. Real-time tracking and fleet management solutions

Never lose track of your fleet again with this elegant solution for tracking vehicles and drivers. If a specific driver or route is causing delays, our tracking solutions will allow you to easily identify and correct the issue, saving time, resources, and customer satisfaction. We are a leading GPS tracking manufacturer and our GPS vehicle tracker systems are incredibly reliable.

2. Bus stop announcement systems

Your passengers will never need to worry about missing their stop with our automatic announcement systems. These systems work together with our bus tracking system to provide accurate announcements at each stop.

3.Camera and DVR systems

Should the worst happen, we offer full surveillance systems that can be inconspicuously engaged by driver when needed. Accidents and illegal activities can be clearly captured to aid law enforcement officials and promote a safe, lawful atmosphere for passengers.

4.Projected arrival times and web applications

You may be wondering how to track a bus using GPS yourself. Using a smartphone app or web client, passengers can see bus schedules, current bus positions, projected arrival times, and more thanks to our city bus tracker. The days of waiting anxiously for a bus that may have already come and gone are over.

5.Fuel Efficiency

Fuel is an expensive resource, and if you’re in charge of a fleet of vehicles, you know exactly how costly it can be. With our tracking systems, plotting more efficient routes is a breeze. 

We also offer analytics and reports on drivers, vehicles, and more. Feel free to contact us, we’ll be happy to work with you to decide on a package that’s right for you.



1.Worry about losing data to broken hard drives? 


2.Fear that your server performance will negatively impact growth?
3.Receive complaints due to unstable servers?
4.Want to control your platform from anywhere at any time?
5.Want to allow your clients to create separate logins for different functions?


What we offer


24-hour monitoring and RAID technology
Our state-of-the-art monitoring systems will automatically send out alerts if a hard drive begins to malfunction, and with RAID setups, your data is never at risk during hard drive replacement. Choose us and you’ll never need to worry about losing data again.

High server performance
Our basic server configurations use dual multi-core processors and have 8GB of RAM. Two 500GB hard drives in RAID1 configuration allow for storage and special private servers can be used for MySQL databases. These are high-performance servers that are capable of satisfying all of your clients and expanding your business rapidly. 

Stable servers
Our servers are the perfect environment for your business to flourish, with an available input power of up to 13mW with 6 800kVA UPS 2N backup batteries. We also offer a variety of other options including 4 x 1875kW diesel generators (with on-site fuel storage) N+1, 30 x 94kW CRAH units N+6, and 4 x 950kW chillers N+1. 

Web-based platforms
FMS is a web-based platform that can accessed by almost any device with an internet browser. This includes smart phones, tablets, computers, and many other devices, so no matter where you are, you can always have access to your servers and stay in control of your business.

User management and user roles
Using the user management features, you can create multiple sub users, each with their own login credentials. Each sub user can be assigned a different role or function with our intuitive and user-friendly interface. No matter the client, our user management tools will suit your needs.

Real-time tracking, reporting, and history
Our interface will not only allow you to monitor all of your vehicles in real-time, but also automatically collects useful data. These data reports can be accessed online in HTML, Excel, PDF, CSV, and KML formats. Our system also records the location history of your vehicles, allowing you to easily look back in time at where your vehicles have been.

An R&D team with over 10 years of experience.
Our company cares about its clients, and to provide the absolute best, we’ve collected a team of development experts fluent in C/C++, PHP, MySQL, and even the very hardware that makes up the servers. We can adapt to your needs dynamically, and will work to provide the services that are best for you.

What worries you about your construction fleet?


• Fuel being stolen from vehicles?
• Drivers using the vehicles for their own projects?
• Misuse of vehicles leaving to maintenance costs?
• Driver’s safety after working long shifts?
• Losing track of driver and vehicle reports?


What we offer


Live monitoring of vehicles and drivers
With our GPS tracking software, you can monitor your fleet at any time from any smart device or computer. Different settings allow for alerts when drivers are speeding, leaving the area, or otherwise being inefficient, and if they’re responsible for damages, the maintenance bill can be mailed directly to the driver.

Fuel monitoring and fuel consumption reports
The fuel that keeps construction vehicles mobile is a precious resource, and with our fuel monitoring systems, you can always be sure of fuel levels. Reports can automatically be emailed to you, and you can set up alerts for when the gas level unexpectedly changes.

Driver identification and management
GPS fleet management helps you keep track of your vehicles, but to keep track of the drivers in charge of them, we offer RFID card readers, tags, and fingerprint scanners that keep record of which drivers are operating which vehicles as well as keeping track of their phone number, license plate number, and other pieces of helpful identification information.

Safety alerts
To keep your drivers safe at the end of a long shift, we offer “drowsy driving alarms” to help drivers avoid car accidents, get enough sleep, and work more efficiently.

Automatic email reports
Prodiotech offers a monthly digest of analytics and history data to help your business reach its full potential.



Does this sound like your fleet?


• Misuse of vehicles…
• Mixed information…
• Bad behavior…
• Arguments over accident responsibility…
• Low efficiency and high cost...


What we offer


RFID and fingerprint scanners
With the installation of our RFID , you can always rest assured that no one can use your vehicles but their assigned drivers. The vehicles simply won’t start for anyone else, and if an unauthorized driver attempts to start the vehicle, a buzzer will sound.

Information management solutions
Not only can our GPS tracking system help you follow your vehicle’s position, but with our driver identification solutions, you’ll have the information of each vehicle’s driver at your disposal. 

Driver supervision and accountability
Our real-time GPS tracking will display the names of drivers, and so will any reports received from Prodiotech. These reports can help pinpoint issues of productivity and efficiency, and making drivers accountable for misuse of vehicles.

Accident liability
Our history reports keep a running record of vehicle positions and operators so that drivers responsible for accidents can be immediately identified.

Each of these solutions work together to promote efficiency, accountability, responsibility, and safety. You’ll save management and operating costs as well as maintenance costs and lost productivity.



Are you worrying about those problems on your fleet’s school buses?


1.Are students always missing the bus?
2.Are parents worried that their kids aren’t getting on the bus?
3.Are drivers leaving the busses running needlessly?
4.Do your drivers have unsafe habits?
5.Do they have issues managing the bus?


What we offer


5-minute warning
Our system can notify parents five minutes before the bus arrives to ensure their children never miss their ride again.

Student identification
We offer unique identification tags for students. These tags are read by an RFID scanner on the bus when they get on, and a notification can be sent to parents, assuring them that their child is safely on-board. If the tag is not read, an alert will be sent as well, and all notifications can be sent via SMS or email.

Automatic engine shutdown
The engine will automatically shut down when its normal hours of operation are over, preventing waste and misuse of the vehicle and its fuel. 

Driver behavior monitoring
Our surveillance systems do more than allow you to keep an eye on your drivers via a video feed. We offer a system that allows you to determine a safe speed range, and if the driver strays from that range or accelerates or stops too quickly, an alert will be sent and the information will be added to the driver’s report.

GPS tracking and bus management
Our fleet management system is the perfect GPS tracking solution for many fleets, and it won’t disappoint as a school bus GPS tracking system. The software can store, manage, track, and monitor information on students, drivers, vehicles, and more. You can monitor fuel consumption, driving histories, and bus locations. Our software will even remind you when your fleet is due for maintenance.



How do expensive fuel costs impact you?


1.Do you worry about leaks and theft?
2.Are you hesitant to drill a hole in your tank for fuel monitoring? 
3.Are your vehicle’s fuel monitors accurate enough?
4.Could you use a more accurate monitoring system?
5.Could a fuel report protect your company’s profits?


What we offer


Theft and leak monitoring
Our advanced tracking system helps you detect and prevent loss of fuel. This includes both theft and leaks, and with our FMS GPS tracking system, you’ll know almost immediately which vehicle is losing fuel. 

Easy installation with no drilling
Installing our fuel monitoring system is extremely easy. Completely sidestepping the risky and difficult process of drilling a hole in the fuel tank, we simply install the system into the tank. The tank’s integrity won’t be compromised and you won’t have to settle for second-best.

Improve the vehicle’s current readings
We’re able to install our system so easily because it actually uses your vehicle’s original fuel monitoring system, but to a greater degree. Just connect the AD cable to the car’s fuel sensor and you’re all set.

High precision monitoring
Our advanced algorithms are what make our system so unique and accurate, reducing deviation and using the flow meter to make sure accurate values are shown.

Detailed fuel reporting
Alongside our GPS vehicle tracker, our FMS tracking system monitors when fuel was added to the tank, how much, and where. We offer detailed reports on this information that will allow you to reduce operating costs right from the FMS tracking platform.



Having trouble with…


• Fruits and vegetables arriving unfrozen or sour?
• Lost items and huge losses?
• Drivers speeding, slowing down too much, or fatiguing?
• Cars being stolen or expensive to manage?


What we offer


Real-time route monitoring
Rest assured that your goods arrive on time and your vehicles don’t stray from the most efficient path with our GPS tracker. Always know where your vehicle is and you’ll never have to guess arrival times again.

Temperature monitoring and alerts
Keep tabs on the temperature of food storage vehicles to ensure that frozen or refrigerated items are never tainted or left to rot. If temperatures soar, you’ll receive an alert and possibly be able to save the shipment.

Speeding, slowdown, and fatigue alerts
Not all drivers are perfect, but with our system of alerts and safeguards, their imperfections can be ironed out and turned into strengths. If your driver is speeding, staying still for too long, or simply pushing themselves too hard, they’ll receive notifications. This system works with our GPS vehicle tracker to improve driver efficiency, safety, health, and even punctuality. 

Door status monitoring and alarm
Always know when your good are out in the open with this system. If the door is opened or closed at an unexpected time, an alarm will go off to prevent theft or damage to goods.

Remote engine control and GPS tracking
Even if your vehicle is stolen, it’s well within your control. You’ll always know its position, thanks to our GPS tracking system, and if you’re worried about the thief getting away, you can remotely cut the engine and stop the stolen vehicle dead in its tracks.

Regular reports and analysis
All the data in the world is useless without a tidy way to analyze it, and we offer that as well. You can receive summaries and data on your fleet as frequently or infrequently as you like, allowing you to pinpoint costly issues, streamline your business, and increase profit and efficiency.