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5 reasons to join the course :

Our qualified presenters will teach you everything you need to know. After you pass the final exam, you will receive a certificate which entitles you to install our JABLOTRON devices.

By passing the exam you will gain:

  • Comprehensive knowledge from our qualified presenters, complete with real-life tips

  • 3 years of post-guarantee service on our JABLOTRON products

  • Free access to the MyCOMPANY app which will make your business operations much easier

  • An alarm kit at a reduced price

 JA-100 4th. Generation, Partners Level Program 


Please choose from our  partners level program to  be a Platinum, Golden, Silver, or Even an installer.  Do you have a project on hand?


Our main platform product based on a revolutionary and  Unique system,  built-in   control system,  with  GPRS, GSM, LAN  communicators (bus and wireless),   with cloud   monitoring and   controlling,  unlimited functional features. A wide range of sensors, detectors, controllers, are available to manage all your security needs as below :


* Intrusion System,

* Fire Alarm,

* Access  control,

* Automation,

* Smart Home,

* Zone heating & cooling,

* Status for server rooms,

* Refrigerators,

* Water flooding,

* Gas Leak,  

* Remote sites, mobile application (Cloud Back-up)

* Can be integrated with any third party existing product

* ARC - The easiest way to Monitor, Type A- 300 Accounts, Type B- 110,000 Accounts 

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